Monday, December 21, 2015

My List of Holiday Movie Marathon Supplies

This week (the week of Christmas) is my favorite of the whole year. It is usually the time when things slow down for me work-wise, and I can start to really enjoy the season. I get the majority of my holiday shopping done this week, I finish making gifts, I wrap presents, I listen to an excessive amount of Christmas music, and my husband and I have a holiday movie marathon.

Of all of my last minute holiday events and indulgences, the movie marathon is my favorite. The element of tradition combined with a really great excuse to relax (for hours and hours) makes it something I look forward to for weeks. And over the years, I've come up with the perfect list of essentials to make holiday movie marathon night the best it can be. Today, I'm sharing it with you guys.

1. Holiday Movies. Duh. We usually pick three, which tend to be Elf (which comes on first because our daughter can watch it too), A Christmas Story, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. (It's a Wonderful Life is my all-time favorite holiday movie, in case you were wondering. We save it to watch with our extended family on Christmas Eve.)

2. A Soft Blanket. It's pretty much mandatory to have your favorite blanket to snuggle up under while watching holiday movies. Mine is a black and white striped number from IKEA that has admittedly seen better days, but with which I just cannot part. It's perfectly worn in and practically meant for movie marathons.

3. Cozy Ambience. This can be a fire in your fireplace, a holiday scented candle burning close by, or even just the lights on your Christmas tree twinkling in the distance. But you have to have some sort of seasonal ambience to make the movie marathon mood (so many M's) just right.

4. Hot Chocolate. There is little more comforting than a cup of homemade hot cocoa. I love mine with a candy cane and/or topped with marshmallows. I'll confess that my hot cocoa mug is refilled several times throughout these marathons.

5. Popcorn. Aside from the movies themselves, I think this is the most essential of all the holiday movie marathon ingredients. And for holiday movie marathon night, or any occasion where you want to make things extra special, I think it's imperative to take your popcorn up a notch. My favorite way to do this is by ordering from Pop Works & Company, a line of ready-to-eat popcorn that provides a fun, unique twist to traditional popcorn. They start with light and airy popcorn (it's so good you guys), then add sweet glazes and sprinkle bits of treats over the top resulting in three delicious flavors - Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel & Fudge, and Birthday Cake. I was certain I'd love the Salted Caramel the most, but Birthday Cake won for me. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet, and I may have eaten the whole bag during our movie night. Their popcorn is really pretty looking too, which is important when you're entertaining. I'm looking forward to serving it at future parties and get-togethers in addition to upcoming movie nights. If you want to get some Pop Works & Company popcorn of your own, you can do so right here (and you can choose one of your favorite flavors or "Build a Box" by mixing and matching all three flavors). Pop Works & Company is also offering an introductory price of $15.99 on their Pop Box, a colorful and versatile box which can be filled with the 3 different popcorn flavors. Oh, and through New Year’s Eve, you get free 2-Day shipping. I'm in!

Fellow holiday movie marathon lovers, what other types of supplies do you put together? What are your favorite holiday movies?

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  1. A big thumbs up from me over here, and a yes to everything! Especially Elf - it's almost always the first holiday movie I watch. And to popcorn and hot chocolate, too! Yum :)


  2. I love Christmas movie marathons and all of this looks so yummy!!!

  3. I'm not much of a holiday movie girl, but there are two that I have to watch every year - Love Actually and The Holiday. I usually snuggle up under a blanket with a cup of tea, a box of chocolates and away we go :)

    1. Those are my mom's two favorite movies. I think she's watched them each at least a dozen times already this season!

  4. Salted caramel popcorn is something I would love to try!

  5. Birthday cake popcorn sounds amazing and this gets me pumped to watch lots of christmas movies this week! =)

  6. Mmmm..I love making new popcorn blends. I'm gonna make some for parties this year :D !

  7. Thanks for your comments you guys! Yay for holiday movie marathons!


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