Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What I'm Wearing Now: December

What I'm Wearing Now: December (via Bubby and Bean)
1. Black Tee, H&M  //  2. Faux Shearling Jacket (sold out; similar here, on sale!)  //  3. Jersey Tunic Tee, H&M  //  4. Slate Leggings, J.Crew Factory  //  5. Classic Sheffield Watch, Daniel Wellington  //  6. Fine Knit Cardigan, H&M (now on sale!)  //  7. Black Leggings, Target  //  8. Alms Boots, Blowfish //  9. Hi Top Back Zip Boot, Minnetonka  //  10. Classic Beanie, F21

It's the final month of the 2015 'What I'm Wearing Now' series! You have officially endured an entire year of my monthly outfits. High five! Admittedly, the last two months have likely been pretty boring for those of you who are not in the third trimester of pregnancy since basically every piece is some sort of stretchy boho-ish version of activewear. But I couldn't just stop sharing what I'm wearing (rhyme!) just because I live in oversized tees and the same pair of black leggings, right?

And that brings us to December, which looks an awfully lot like November, doesn't it? I could have tried to impress you guys and put together a much more exciting version of a 9 month pregnant lady's daily wardrobe, but instead I'm taking the high road and being honest. The pieces you see above, many that were also featured last month, are what I am wearing right now, every single day. Truth be told, I'm getting a lot of wear out of this pair of pajama pants (in the white woodland print) too, but I just couldn't bring myself to include pajama pants in a style roundup. I'm lucky if I can make it through the day without my butt busting a hole in the seam of my leggings (in the same way that I'm lucky to make it up the stairs without needing to lie down and take a break at the top), so I'll just say that fashion has taken a major backseat to comfort. I mean, I can't even bring myself to pull on my pair of maternity jeans at this point. Thank goodness my winter coat is open in the front, thus allowing my belly to stick (far) out of it, because it's probably the chicest thing I've been able to wear in weeks. Comfort is great and all, but I'm really looking forward to being able to wear a wider variety of my wardrobe again. Just a few more weeks…

In early January, I'll share a year-in-review sort of post that takes a look back at all of my wears for 2015. And the plan, at least for now, is to continue this series into 2016 as well. What kind of looks have you been wearing in December?



  1. I love your honesty, Melissa! I think nine months pregnant would be an incredibly difficult time to feel sartorially inspired, and so as someone who works from home and therefore spends an inordinate amount of time in leggings while not pregnant, I applaud your efforts :)

  2. I love everything here and I'm not pregnant, haha. I think you have great style pregnant or otherwise!

  3. I love that coat! I am so excited for your baby to get here and I still think you are super stylish!

  4. I hope they have that cardigan in the Australian H&M its so nice xx

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone! Stay tuned for the full year's roundup in a week or two!


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