Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What I'm Wearing Now: January

Winter Style Favorites (via Bubby and Bean)
1. Denim Shirtdress, Madewell (sold out; find similar here)  //  2. Jersey Tunic Tee, H&M  //  3. Plaid Shirtdress (on sale!), H&M  // 4. Charlie Diaper Bag, Timi and Leslie (pulled this one back out of retirement!)  //  5. Eye + Tassel Layering Bracelets, Urban Outfitters  //  6. Slate Leggings, J.Crew Factory  //  7. Blockweave Scarf, Madewell (sold out; find similar here)  //  8. Black Leggings, Target  //  9. Faux Shearling Jacket (sold out; similar here, on sale!)  //  10. Classic Sheffield Watch, Daniel Wellington  //  11. Hi Top Back Zip Boot, Minnetonka  // 12. Madison Boots, Trask

Welcome to the first month of 2016's 'What I'm Wearing Now' series! I had to end that sentence with an exclamation point, not because I'm shouting at you, but because I'm genuinely excited to start this series again for the second year - and to finally get to wear non-pregnancy clothing. As you could probably guess from the last few months of these posts, I was growing pretty tired of wearing the same four or five pieces over and over (pieces that I recently described as "stretchy boho-ish versions of activewear") because they were the only things that fit my end-of-pregnancy body while providing some level of comfort during a time when I was incapable of even putting shoes on without assistance. Yep.

That said, I'm only a couple of weeks into post-pregnancy at the time I'm writing this post, which means that the majority of my regular wardrobe still doesn't fit. In addition to still carrying pregnancy weight, I'm also nursing (which especially in the first few weeks means much, much larger than normal boobs), so I've still been living in leggings and looser fitting garments. It's really nice to be able to wear dresses again though, even if they're plain old shirt dresses. And whereas I admittedly couldn't have cared less about accessorizing in those last couple of months of pregnancy, I'm starting to feel inspired to dress up my looks a bit again, put on makeup, and, like, brush my hair and stuff. I'm calling it baby steps (Get it? Baby steps? 'Cause I just had a baby?) toward getting back to my style self, and I'm pumped.

It will be interesting to see what next month brings, especially when I'm given the okay to start regularly exercising again. I can't wait to be able to fit in some of my favorite regular clothing items again, and to get to go shopping for something that doesn't involve the words "spandex" or "nursing bra." And as always, I'm excited to get to move back into a spring wardrobe in a couple of months. Layers are nice and all, but nothing beats being able to shed them for warmer weather.



  1. I love that denim madewell dress and that diaper bag is gorgeous, I want it as a regular handbag!

  2. I had planned to make a denim shirt dress for myself this spring. Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. I'm glad you're getting to expand your wardrobe again! My uniform still pretty much consists of jeans and a sweater every day. I'll be excited to switch that to shorts and a tank top as soon as possible!

  4. What a relief it must be to be able to put shoes on by yourself! Such a small thing but man, what a pain to need help with that. I'm excited to see how your wardrobe is going to evolve this year, especially in the accessories department - I have the same Daniel Wellington watch and I wear it all the time, but admittedly I tend to pair it with very different things and it's nice to have a little inspiration to mix things up in my own wardrobe :)

  5. A couple of your items are from H&M and I've really been feeling them lately, too! I'm glad you're getting back to your usual self and am excited to see some new outfit posts in the spring!

  6. The denim dress looks simple and stylish. I love this type of collar.


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