Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Here Comes Sunshine

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It's become somewhat of a tradition around here to post some fantastically sun-soaked photos on the blog in February, in an effort not only to inspire all of you, but also to remind myself that the blanket of gloom that covers Chicagoland this time of year will eventually subside. I can't complain too much - we're headed to Arizona, land of perpetual sunshine, in eleven days. We take an end-of-winter trip there every year, but due to Robbie's work schedule, we're going almost three weeks earlier than we usually leave this time. I did make sure to check their weather averages for the end of February/beginning of March though (several times) before booking our flights, and it looks like we should be in the clear as far as sunshine goes. And man am I ready. In the meantime, I'll be staring at these images to get me through. For those of you also living in cold, grey wintertime locales, I hope this post can be a sweet reminder that those bold-colored, butterscotch sunshine filled days are just around the corner.



  1. Ooh, I'd swap my place for any one of those in a second!
    How nice that you'll be enjoying sunshine very soon :)

  2. And hey, it's going to be in the high 50s at the end of the week! We're getting a little break and all of the snow will melt. :-D

  3. How long will it take to travel there? Sorry, live in London - Uk , so don't know. Sounds bliss. I wish we could get away, but I have to wait until later in the year. I am sitting with a heater next to my feet... so sad!! Roll on summer! Enjoy your vacation. I cannot look any more at your pictures. I am liable to get your site host to take them down!! lol :) Have a wonderful time. Nina


    1. It's about a 4 hour plane flight. So it takes a while, but it's worth it!

  4. Oh sunshine... how I miss it. If I'm being honest, the temperatures here in Vancouver are not that bad but the incessant pouring rain is such a downer - and makes outfit photos really challenging! I am so ready for more than one day of sun in a row, preferably on a weekend (since our sunny days usually tend to fall on Tuesdays, go figure.)

  5. The sun is coming y'all. It's already warming up here in the Carolinas. Snow is beautiful, but this gal was built for sunshine :) Stay warm!

  6. I grew up in Chicago so I know what you mean. This is a great collection of pictures!


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