Monday, February 15, 2016

My Favorite Bedroom Chests

1. Sans Serif Door Chest in Walnut  //  2.  Lang Chest  //  3. Mélange Delano Chest //  4. Kentwood Drawer Chest in White  //  5. Plank Drawer Chest  //  6. Mélange Veramonte Chest  //  7. Palisade 12 Drawer Accent Chest  //  8. Weatherford Hamilton Chest in Grey Heather // (All available  at On another note, check out their Signature Design by Ashley pieces too. So pretty!)

As you guys know, we are in the process of house hunting. And because of this, I've spent a whole lot of time (mainly during middle-of-night nursing sessions, if we're being real) looking online for design inspiration. Our bedroom in our current place has admittedly been pretty neglected, so once we do find our new home, one of the spaces I'm most looking forward to decorating is the master bedroom. Our bedroom is sort of a jumbled mess of pieces, and I really want to create a more complete space that I can style to our liking. Right now the only furniture I actually like is our dresser and our bed (and we're hoping to upgrade to a king size bed, so that's out of the picture), and we have next to no storage so there's a lot of clutter.

I decided that one of the first pieces we need to buy once we do get settled into the new place is a pretty bedroom chest where we can keep blankets, linens, and other items organized. In the midst of my online searching for bedroom design inspiration, I discovered the beautiful chests you see above. My home decorating taste tends to fall into the modern minimalist category, but I love a touch of rustic, and I think most (but not all) of these chests fall into one of those styles. I especially love #1, which reminds me of my beloved credenza that belonged to my grandmother and now sits in my office space (and will be transferred to our living room once we move). I'm also into #3 and #6. Even though they're outside of my usual style comfort zone, I think they'd each make for a unique focal point in the room.

What do you use for storage in your bedroom, aside from traditional closets? Which chest above is your favorite?

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  1. #1 looks just like a chest I had growing up. And I love #4!
    Jesse and I still have the chest of drawers that we each brought to the relationship. One of these days we'll have to get a matching!

  2. We spent most of this weekend packing, so the last thing I should be thinking about is anything new, but I admit that a new chest of drawers has been on my mind as one of our current ones will not make it to the new place - it seems to have burst at the seams in a strange way and I suspect when we take the clothes out, it will simply fall down. Not surprisingly, I love number four - all white is always so lovely.

  3. #2 is just my style! we just bought a new bedroom furniture set this weekend (president's day sale!) it's got a bit of grey-wash color to it. it wasn't easy to find. we were about to give up because all i wanted was to have under-the-bed storage drawers, with a sleigh headboard, sorta rustic looking, no box spring, and for under our budget. apparently that's too specific ;)

  4. Although I'd love to add a chest, especially #4, there's no space left ;-)

  5. #1 or #5, please and thank you. Our room was neglected for the first couple of years we lived here, and then I did a handful of projects before I forgot about it again. Haha. It's hard for me to focus on a private space when I want the public areas of the house to look good first. Similarly, all I did to my office was buy new furniture. Still haven't decorated. One of these days...


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