Monday, February 8, 2016

Moving Inspiration: Living Rooms

10 Inspiring Living Rooms (Bubby and Bean)
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It's been two months since the last installment of our Moving Inspiration series, when I told you that we'd decided to put our house hunting on hold until the spring due to me being pregnant to the point of uselessness, the new baby on his way, and my husband's winter and early spring touring schedule with the band. We realistically won't be in a position to move until probably May because of these things, but just in the last few days we've started looking at listings again. Free time is incredibly scarce right now, but it feels good to be back at it when we're able. It genuinely bummed me out to halt our search back in late November, because I am the type of person who needs to feel constantly productive and finds procrastination to be majorly anxiety provoking. But I'm also glad we didn't rush into something just to get it over with. And while I need to be patient a little longer, I'm stoked to be back to looking for design and decor inspiration, room by room. For those who haven't been following along, so far I've shared my favorite kitchens, bathrooms, home offices/studios, and bedrooms. And today I'm turning my focus to the room where we all tend to spend the most time: the living room.

As with the other rooms I've featured, when it comes to living rooms and family rooms I am most attracted to an overall minimalist aesthetic with a subtle bohemian vibe. I like bright spaces, neutrals (white, grey, and black are my color besties), and clean lines with touches of bold patterns, metallics, and excessive house plants. Now that we have two little ones, I'd prefer our living room to be spacious - even if the rest of the house is small - so there's room for, you know, actual living and stuff. Oh, and if we're being picky, high ceilings would be nice. And a fireplace would be appreciated too. But really, I think we could do something fun with anything we're given as long as the potential to make it our style is there. (And as I've mentioned before, I'm all about any excuse to use power tools!) I think my favorite room above is #6. The white feels really fresh, and I love how the bold colors from the throw pillows and houseplants so perfectly set it off. Oh, and that table! I want to live there.

What does your ideal living room look like? Do any of the spaces above appeal to you? Who else is house hunting?



  1. So many pretty rooms! I love black and white interiors with a little wood in the mix.

  2. I love all the bright open spaces you've chosen. I would love to add a fireplace to our living room one day.

  3. I would like to live there! I like the high ceilings as in the first photographs, and all these unusual things like table top of a tree trunk and so on.

  4. I love how spacious they all are! I especially love #5 :)

  5. Fingers crossed you guys find the perfect place! You have a lot in your plate but I know it will come. All of these living rooms are gorgeous.

  6. We've found our new place (finally!) and so I definitely have decor on the brain... although I also know we're likely to be moving again in a year, so I'm trying to keep my impulse to redecorate to a minimum. Which means we'll be sticking with the white and navy theme that has pervaded our decor for years. But I am hoping, at least to pick up a few new things, in particular a carpet as we'll be moving to hardwood floors, and I do love the one in the second photo.

  7. There is a scandinavian ir in your pics. I'm a fan of natural wood, fuchsia tapestries, lots of white and blue couches

  8. That first picture is my everything. Literally, if I could wave a magic wand and change the architecture of our house, I'd give myself a big ol' vaulted ceiling like that. The furniture is perfect, too. We're getting the itch to move again, but I'm not sure if we actually will. Our location is SO convenient, even if there are some things we don't like about the house.


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