Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Drink Up

Aside from our end-of-year favorite post round-ups, I don't usually do posts that highlight posts we've already done, since, you know, a lot of you have probably already seen them. But I decided to do just that today, with a round-up of my favorite Bubby and Bean recipes that feature drinks. My motivation for doing so is that I just got back from a weekend in Indianapolis where (1) we randomly drank a lot of really delicious beverages (both non-alcoholic and boozy) which caused me to have drinks on the brain, and (2) I got stopped walking around the Children's Museum by a sweet reader named Carlie (hi Carlie!) who said hello and pointed out that she'd made several of our cocktail recipes and loved them all. (I should mention that was the third time ever that I was "recognized"/approached by a reader in real life, and both other times were actually at my husband's shows - which is funny because their fan base and my reader base are about as different as they come. I'm pretty sure my behavior was all sorts of awkward at all three encounters because I was completely caught off guard. Every one of the readers, however, was incredibly nice and super awesome in every way.)

Hopefully these drinkable recipes - everything from from a boozy rhubarb spritzer to a healthy green smoothie - are new to many of you, and for those you have seen them before, maybe this will inspire you to try out a couple of them for spring. It's been a while since I've made a few of these, so I'm looking forward to creating them again in the coming weeks. Spring and summer are the beverage seasons in my mind, so drink up!



  1. Mmmhh...these look delicious! My favorite is #7 - hope to try that as the weather warms up :)
    How lovely that a reader recognized you from your blog!

  2. Mmmmm! I remember the jalapeño/rhubarb margaritas! We'll probably try those when we have people over this summer.

    Also, I got recognized by a fan of my jewelry once, which was terrifically awkward because I was NOT expecting it. We were at a One Of A Kind Show in the city, and I wasn't even working, just shopping. Hahaha.

  3. Aw, how rad to meet a reader!! I've only met my readers at events I've hosted, never randomly, but so fun and everyone is always super sweet! <3 And this post is so timely, I'm making a few cocktails this weekend and can't wait to try the apple cider mimosas! xo

  4. Isn't it funny to be recognized in real life? I'm sure I've come off like a deer caught in headlights the few times it's happened to me, the experience is so totally surreal! I love this round-up - I never actually make drinks at home, it's all water, tea or wine around here, but I love the idea of them and how pretty they look in photos :)

  5. oh how fun! I don't have anywhere near your followers, but a very good friend of mine is big in the knitting world (Baby Cocktails - she knits and mixes drinks!) Her daughter loves to 'out' her in knitting stores asking people if they know who the blogger is, then point out that she's standing across the room - ha! Those do look like pretty great drinks!


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