Monday, June 13, 2016

12 Stylish Kids' Swimming Suits

12 Stylish Kids' Swim Suits // Bubby and Bean

It's swimming season! We spent the end of last week up at our favorite lake, and while the lake itself was a little too chilly to dive right in, we still got some great swimming sessions in at our hotel pool. (And Essley seemed pretty stoked regardless, as did baby Emmett. I mean when you're a kid, water is water, right?) We also live walking distance from a pretty amazing water park with several swimming pools and splash pads, and we have Essley signed up for two weeks of daily swimming lessons again this year. So it's safe to say there will be a whole lot of swimming fun happening around here over the next few months.

Last summer I shared some of my favorite swimming suits for little girls. I thought I'd do the same this year too, but throw in some of my top picks for the boys too. (I'm also a mama to a boy now, after all.) Essley is almost too big for her current 2T suits, so I'm thinking I'll need to grab her #1 in size 3T immediately. (Also, why don't they make it in adult sizes? I'm in love.) I'm also going to get #11 for Emmett. Babies in swim trunks, guys. Can't even.



  1. These are cute! I like #7 for boys :)

  2. I wish they'd made swim suits like this when I was little! I want the first three of them, haha! =)

  3. oh so cute! if only my girls were still this little :)


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