Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our First Family Movie Night

If someone asked me to describe my ideal night, I would say an evening on the couch with my husband and babes, just chilling together. My other favorite kind of hang session is with my husband, when we do nothing more than enjoy the blissful laziness of snuggling up under a blanket, eating movie night snacks, and watching flicks for hours. (This is in stark contrast to what my answer would have been even just a few years ago - one that would have most certainly involved dancing, friends, a foreign city and a sunrise bedtime. But I digress...) Recently, I noticed that my two and a half year old daughter was really starting to take an interest in movies herself, and I decided it was about time to combine these two activities I love so much, and have our first official family movie night.

My husband was all about this as well, so we brainstormed ways we could make the event something we could all enjoy. The Land Before Time movies were favorites of my little sister's and mine while growing up, and Essley has been going through a major dinosaur phase, so that seemed like the perfect choice for the feature presentation. We headed to Walmart to pick up some oranges (Essley's favorite healthy snack), some cookies (Essley's favorite not-so-healthy snack), and some Pop Secret popcorn for daddy and me. We got Essley pumped the afternoon of movie night with stories of our own childhood movie nights and a The Land Before Time coloring page session, and she could barely wait until it was time for the big show.

When it came time for movie night, we grabbed an excessive amount of blankets and pillows, got our snacks ready to go, popped some Pop Secret and poured it into our beloved family popcorn bowl (this bowl was a wedding present for my parents, a loooong time ago, and I still use it every single time I make popcorn), put in The Land Before Time, and snuggled in together. And you guys, it was seriously the sweetest little evening. Watching Essley completely immersed in this movie brought back so many memories of my own childhood (I may or may not have teared up a tiny bit, just saying). It was nice to be reminded of why I loved it so much, and what great lessons it teaches about friendship, love, perseverance, and even intolerance. And while some of the story may seem out of a toddler's grasp, I genuinely feel that because the lessons are presented in such a light, subtle way, that even little kids can pick up on them without feeling overwhelmed. When the movie was over, Essley asked if Littlefoot and Cera (two of the main characters) could "come over to Essley's house to play," and then, before bed, asked, "can we have family movie night again now?" Later, when Robbie and I got in bed, he said, "hey babe, can we have family movie night again now?" It was cheesy and adorable and wonderful, all of it. Our first family movie night was a success, and we're all looking forward to making it a regular thing around here.

If you're looking for an easy way to put together a fun evening for your family, I highly recommend planning a movie night. Really, there's nothing to it, and the outcome is pretty great. Gather some popcorn and snacks, head to Walmart to grab The Land Before Time: The Complete Collection DVD today, 6/14 (while supplies last), dim the lights, pile on the blankets and pillows, and make some great family memories. (Awwwww.)

Do any of you do family movie nights? What's your favorite kind of relaxed evening at home?

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  1. Soooo adorable!!! I loved that movie!!

  2. I love how intensely Emmett is gazing at your popcorn in the third last photo - that expression!! And I had a laugh, too, because my parents have the same bowl that we always used for popcorn when I was growing up. Some things really are universal :)

  3. I remember we always had "movie night" on Saturday when my brother and I were little. I also distinctly remember eating BBQ chips in one sitting ;-)


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