Tuesday, July 12, 2016

40% Off at Bubby and Bean Art!

40% Off Sale at Bubby and Bean Art!

Summer is admittedly a very slow time over in the Bubby and Bean Art Shop. There aren't holidays for which people send cards, and I think people just spend less time online in general this time of year. And while the art shop is a fun side project for me and (aside from card orders during the holiday season) not a big part of my daily work routine, I do miss it during the summer months. So I decided to have a big sale, just for today and tomorrow, and offer 40% off everything (while supplies last). This is by far the biggest discount we've ever offered, so if you've had your eye on a cute card set or art print, now is a great time to take advantage. Just use code SUMMERTIME40 at check out right here. Ends at 11:59 PM on July 13th. Enjoy!



  1. July is a bit slower here as well, as most people are on holiday :) Happy Sales!

  2. Things are a bit slower this time of year for me as well. Which is nice...more time for boating and being outside :)

  3. Same here :) your cards are lovely though so people would be crazy not to take advantage of FOURTY percent off!


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