Thursday, July 14, 2016

Color Love // Summer Neutrals

Summertime Neutrals
1. Zana Maxi Dress, Moorea Seal  //  2. Naomi Double Finger Ring, Kendra Scott  //  3. Linen Tank, H&M  //  4. Penny Leather Slingback Sandal, Urban Outfitters  //  5. Embroidered San Vicente Top, JM Drygoods  //  6. Claire Velvet Choker Necklace, Urban Outfitters  //  7. 7. Sunny Cher Sunnies, Free People  //  8. Lyocell Shorts, H&M   //  9. Mini Geo Bandeau Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom, J.Crew Factory   

Last week, I received a snap on Snapchat from a reader saying she missed our Color Love posts. And while I knew it had been a while since our last one, I didn't realize just how few and far between they'd become. (There have been a total of two of them in the last year, and we used to do them monthly.) And while I haven't been especially crushing on any particular colors lately, I have been representing my love for black, white, and grey pretty well this summer. I think we all tend to think of bright colors this time of year, and while I love hints of sunny yellow and fiery reds and watery turquoise in the summertime, I still tend to wear mostly neutrals. So this seemed like the perfect time to change things up a little, and share some of my current favorite picks in all three of these tones. (And yes, I realize #5 contains colors. But how could I not include such a gorgeous top?)

Who else gravitates toward mostly neutrals in the summer months? What colors do you wear most this time of year?



  1. That dress has an amazing print! Love it! I love turquoise / white combinations in summer.

  2. I am not a bright color person and love neutrals like this in the summer too. That dress and top are so gorgeous, I think I need them both!

  3. Of course you know I gravitate to neutrals all year round - I love to see colours, I love the idea of them, but wearing them is just not my thing. I tend to reach for more whites in the summer, but of course I never abandon black and grey entirely. I'm not usually one for patterns but I do like pieces that mix black and white in the summer, and that tankini is adorable.

  4. Love the dress! I'd like that style in a tank top too!

  5. Cute bikini! I love classic neutral pieces but also love adding a splash of colour in Summer.

  6. I absolutely gravitate to neutrals - especially since I work in NY and whites just don't stay .... well very white! But I do love a splash of color here and there :)


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