Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Little Girls Dress Favorites

Stylish Little Girls Dresses (via Bubby and Bean)
1. Samia Dress  //  2. Dalia Lace Dress  //  3.  Camilia Dress  //  4. Malak Dress  //  5. Sameera Dress  // 6. Hend Dress  //  7. Hana Smocked Dress  //  8. Farah Embroidered Dress  //  9. Maryam Pleated Dress  // 10. Lotus Trim Dress  //  11. Samar Girls Dress  // 12.  Jamilia Long Kaftan

There is little I love more than clothes shopping with Essley. I mean, even back when I was pregnant with her, I knew we'd probably have fun together getting excited about fashion - but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer awesomeness of it. I actually enjoy picking out clothes for her more than I do for myself (like, by a lot), which I certainly never would have thought could even be a possibility. And when it comes to girls' clothes that she and I both most love, it's dresses that take the cake.

In honor of Essley's and my shared affinity for dresses, I thought it would fun to share some of our current favorites we've recently discovered online. With the holiday season and new year here, each of these would also make such a lovely, elegant gift last minute for any little lady in your life. My personal favorites are #1 (so classic) and #2 (such a sweet, boho vibe). Essley most wants #11 (so fun) and #3 (she says it's "so fancy!").  I honestly wish we could own all of them. They're stunning, incredibly well made, and all come from a company with a mission I love called SemSem.

In addition to the fact that SemSem carries some of the most beautiful luxury clothing I've ever seen for girls and women, I love that the company itself is inspired by the special relationship that exists between daughters and their mothers. At the heart of the SemSem is its founder Abeer Al Otaiba's own young daughter, Samia, whose nickname is "SemSem," which I think is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Abeer is also an active philanthropist dedicated to improving women's and children's well-being around the world. She brings this mission to SemSem: the brand supports charities that promote female empowerment, helping mothers teach their daughters about the importance of philanthropy and giving to organizations dedicated to gender equality, literacy, health, legal awareness, and education among women and children across the globe. This is everything, you guys.

Who else loves shopping for little girl dresses above all else? Which is your favorite dress above? Any other SemSem fans in the house?

This post is in partnership with SemSem. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.



  1. I can just imagine how fun it must be :)
    Personally, I love #3!

  2. OMG these are adorable! My niece needs # 11!

  3. These are all beautiful little girl dresses!


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