Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Favorite Last Minute Watch Gift Ideas (for Her and Him)

Watch Gift Ideas for Her
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My regular readers know that when it comes to jewelry, I usually keep things pretty casual. Give me a turquoise ring, a leather cuff, some delicate gold pieces, and a great watch, and I'm good to go. Sometimes, when I'm keeping things ultra simple, I only put on one piece. And on those days, 9 out of 10 times, that piece is a watch.

I remember a period of time not so long ago when watches seemed to fall out of favor - I'm assuming because people just relied on their phones for time keeping. But (thankfully!), over the past few years watches have made a major comeback, and now they're everywhere again. In my opinion, there is little more classic and timeless (get it? get it?) than a watch. And that - combined with the fact that jewelry is one of the ultimate ways to express feelings though a gift - is why I feel watches truly make the ideal gifts for the holidays. Today I'm sharing with you my favorite last minute watch gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Watch Gift Ideas For Her (as seen in top image)

1. Movado Women's Watch Ultra Slim - I love the simple design and elegant rose gold-plate of this stunning watch. This would make a truly special, one-of-a-kind gift for any lady who appreciates sophisticated style.

2. Coach Women's Watch Madison - The vintage inspired white dial on this beautiful rose gold-plate and white piece would be perfect for vintage loving family and friends.

3. Tissot Women's Watch Cera - The bold black dial with diamonds and matching ceramic bezel give this piece such gorgeous marriage of classic style and modern details. It would be adored by a fashion lover of any age.

4. Coach Women's Watch Tristen - The warm, feminine colors and style of this pretty watch make it the perfect romantic gift.

5. Movado Women's Watch Edge Special Edition - The thin strap against the larger face of this watch is stunning and different. This piece would make a wonderfully unique gift for anyone with modern style.

6. Tissot Women's Watch Classic - Have a friend or family member who prefers casual, dressed down style? They would undoubtedly love to receive this beautifully classic piece.

7. Citizen Women's Watch Axiom  - If anyone reading this is looking for the perfect gift for me (hint hint), here it is. I love the simple-yet-chic aesthetic of Citizen watches (and own one already) and how they're eco-friendly (powered by light!). An ideal gift for eco-conscious friends and family.

8. Michele Women's Watch Serein Diamond - This exquisite watch would make a truly meaningful gift for someone really special in your life. I love how it's fancy (ooo, diamonds!) without being visually over-the-top.

9. LeVian Time Women's Watch Cush'n Bangle ZELA 35 - This bangle watch is absolutely luxurious! Its gorgeous mother of pearl dial traced in diamonds is the ultimate in high style. I'm confident anyone who received this special watch as a gift would be absolutely thrilled.

Watch Gift Ideas for Him

Watch Gift Ideas For Him (as seen directly above)

1. Citizen Men's Watch Eco-Drive - Another striking watch from Citizen that would made the ideal gift for any eco-conscious man in your life.

2. Movado Watch Bold - Shhhh, my husband may be getting this one... I love how it's ultra simple and contemporary but still striking. It's one of my personal faves.

3. Movado Bold Touch Watch - How cool is the retro digital look of this piece? This is the perfect gift for outdoorsy dudes - it's water resistant up to 30 meters.

4. Hamilton Men's Watch Khaki - This aviation inspired piece is another I feel would be perfect for a lover of the outdoors, but one who also appreciate fashion. I love the pairing of all the stainless steel in the plate against the smoothness of the khaki leather strap.

5. Movado Men's Watch Bold Special Edition - If you're looking for the ideal gift for a man who loves truly modern style, this watch with its concave blue lava-textured dial is all you need. For real.

6. Bulova Men's Watch Dress Collection - This watch is understated and affordable but has a true masculine elegance. It's perfect for any special dude in your life, without breaking the bank.

While each of these watches has qualities that sets it apart from the others, they're all gorgeous, high quality, and, best of all, make for gifts that allow you to express your feelings to those who mean the most of to you. That is what I most love about Jared (where you can find each of these beautiful watches) - they aren't just a jewelry store where you can shop, they're a jeweler who will go out of their way to help you find (or custom make!) the absolute perfect gift that will say exactly how much you care about the receiver.

For those in the market for other meaningful gifts this holiday, Jared has lots of incredible options for you as well. Along with their amazing selection of all the latest styles of everything from Movado, Tissot, and Gucci watches like you see here (among dozens of other brands), they carry everything from charms and jewelry to the stunning Smithsonian Earthy Treasures collection of rings, earrings, and more (you have to see these), so you can find the ideal gift to best articulate your sentiment. And they also carry a wide variety of price points, which I personally think is of the utmost importance when holiday shopping.

Who else plans on giving watches or jewelry for holiday gifts? Which watches above are your favorites?



  1. I went without a watch for years (and years and years.) It started in high school, when I was deeply, profoundly bored and found myself checking the time every two minutes, wishing my math classes away. The only way to stop myself was to get rid of my watch. It's only about two years since I got my first one since then, but in that time I've amassed a serious collection that just seems to keep growing - and I love them all! You can never go wrong with a good watch.

  2. Oooo I wouldn't mind getting #5 in the women's list! I've been obsessed with watches lately. These are all good ideas for gifts. Merry Christmas!


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