Monday, February 13, 2017

6 Months Seizure Free!

In the world of childhood epilepsy, periods of being seizure free are celebrated like birthdays. And while the type of epilepsy with which our son was diagnosed at 7 months old (you can read his story by clicking here, scrolling down, and clicking on "older posts" to start from the beginning) is rare and unusual, and it is so far looking like he may be one of the "lucky few" (not the biggest fan of that expression because it implies others with more difficult cases aren unlucky, which just isn't true) who gets to leave Infantile Spasms in the past and live a typical life, we know not to take the fact that he has now been seizure free for 6 months (today) for granted. It is a big deal.

While I could easily go on and on about the intensely emotional experience (for our entire family) of Emmett's battle with IS, I'll instead focus on how incredibly grateful we are to be where we are today. Emmett's last visible seizure was on August 13th, 2016. Today, 6 months later and having just turned 13 months, he is walking (only a few steps at a time, but we'll take it), saying several words, dancing, playing, constantly smiling and laughing, and just enjoying being a kid. He still has developmental therapy and occupational therapy once a month, but both therapists have told us that he is completely on track for his age. (His OT, who has worked with many IS kids, said he is a "miracle.") And while we have to stay aware of the fact that his seizures will have a chance of returning over the coming years, we are celebrating today.

Happy 6 months seizure free little man! We are so proud of how far you've come. We can't wait to celebrate a whole year in August.



  1. Yay Emmett!! That is such great news! Thank you for sharing his journey with us!

  2. It definitely is a big deal! I'm so very happy for you all :)

  3. COngratulations Emmett! Wonderful news!

  4. Thank you for being an inspiration Emmett!

  5. What wonderful news! he does look happy and healthy ... and so glad you guys can celebrate the milestone. Wishing you many more


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