Thursday, February 9, 2017

Links I Love, Right Now

I know these posts are usually reserved for Fridays, but I admittedly can't seem to get things together this week so I'm bumping it up a day and taking tomorrow off to take some family time with the kids and Robbie (who is home this weekend; hurrah!). I've had a lot of trouble sleeping the past few nights. And when I have trouble sleeping, I do exactly what you're not supposed to do - I pick up my phone and, as my husband calls it, "waste time on the internet." The upside to this unhealthy middle-of-the-night practice is that I find some cool stuff, which I can then share with you all via a Links I Love post. Here are some of those links:

I stumbled upon these super fresh sneakers (as seen in top image) the other day and am 100% getting a pair for spring. (What color should I get? I'm leaning toward Grey because I'm predictable, but the Sea Green pair would be a fun step out of my comfort zone.)

This hauntingly beautiful hand drawn video about life and death (and death falling in love with life) was comforting for me to watch.

This photo is everything. Go Liz Warren, go! #shepersisted

My friend Jessica's amazing cookbook 'One Part Plant' is available for pre-order right here! I just got my copy in the mail and you guys, it's so good. I'll post more about it soon.

This post with "18 dogs who are so happy to see you" genuinely made my day.

I would wear this dress all spring and summer long, man.

Gimme all the vegan whoopee pies! These 12 vegan Valentine's Day dessert ideas have me drooling.

From Seussian to Snollygoster, Merriam-Webster adds over 1,000 new words.

This 22 year old dude had a Bob Ross themed birthday party and for that he is the coolest.

It's from the fall but I just came across it and it's awesome: 8 things every creative should know.

And because I'm always looking for an excuse to go to IKEA, how about these new cushion covers?

I hope you all have fantastic Fridays and ever better weekends. (Come hang out with me over on Instagram if you're bored.) See you Monday!



  1. Get the sea green shoes!! Now I wanna have a Bob Ross bday party lol

  2. She persisted! Woooohhh! :) Those vegan valentine treats all look amazing.

  3. Yes to the sneakers in mint :)
    Women need to persist all the time.


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