Monday, February 19, 2018

5 Simple Steps I'm Taking Toward a Healthy Body This Year

5 Simple Steps Toward a Healthy Body
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I entered 2018 knowing full well that I'd stopped taking care of my body in recent months. I'm not very good at exercising indoors, and since the weather turned cold here in November, I'd really let fitness go. Sugar and coffee had also admittedly been my main food groups since the holidays began. I'd indulged in lots of beer and champagne, was overworked, and wasn't getting enough sleep. I was feeling pretty crappy, and just didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I decided that I was going to make some changes, and got started right away. Recently, I shared with you guys some of the overall lifestyle changes I've been making this year in terms of myself as a whole - body, mind, and spirit. But today I thought I'd get a little more specific and talk about the ways I'm focusing on my body alone and working to make it as healthy as possible.

As with the lifestyle changes I've been making, I've found that when it comes to my body, focusing on small daily actions tend to result in sustainable lifestyle changes. Although I've been at a healthy weight for a while, I knew, as I mentioned above, that going into 2018 that there were several improvements I could make in terms of creating a healthy body for myself, beyond just a simple number of pounds. I've been implementing these things, and so far, they seem to be working. I've felt more energetic, my skin and eyes seem to look brighter than they did a month ago, my clothes seem to fit better, and my mood is elevated (I tend to get the winter blahs).

So without further adieu, here are the simple steps I've been taking to reach my goal for overall optimal health for my body this year!

1. Practicing daily yoga. I have always had a love affair with yoga, but I'm one of those people who takes a week off and then never starts again. I decided that even if it meant just doing 5 minutes of poses while my kids eat breakfast in the morning, I would do yoga in some form everyday. I also took the pressure off myself and accepted the fact that having two little ones running around (one of whom loves doing yoga with mama) could sometimes mean focusing less on proper form and a clear mind and more on, well, laughing my way through sloppy downward dogs with my daughter underneath me. (See image above for visual proof of this.) The act of practicing is what matters to me now, no matter how it has to be done. And now that I'm regularly practicing again, it's easier for me to feel motivated to take the time to practice longer when I'm able.

2. Eating an apple a day. You may remember this one from my post on my overall lifestyle changes for 2018, but I'm including it here too because it directly involves my body. And it's important. Like I said before, it's mainly metaphorical and building on the "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" aphorism, but by committing to eating one healthy fruit or vegetable every single day, I'm planting the seed to eat proper amounts of whole, nutritious foods everyday instead of reaching for a latte or chocolate bar like I'd been doing.

3. Analyzing my body. No, I'm not standing naked in the mirror, staring at my body and analyzing it that way. I'm using the Nokia Body+ scale to focus on my full body composition. It's not just a scale that determines my weight - it measures weight trends, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, water, and bone density. So it's not just about pounds - it's what goes into them. And to me, that is a pretty fantastic way to focus on keeping my body healthy. The Nokia Body+ also recognizes and tracks up to 8 users, so the entire family can use it (and they do!). It also syncs automatically with the Health Mate app, which provides encouragement and tips, just like a health coach, tracks progress and trends, and allows you to see your complete health data history, including activity, sleep (see #5 below), weight, and more. Did I mention that it's beautifully designed? Major bonus. This one's a keeper.

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4. Getting quality sleep. In the past, I have repeatedly made the goal to get enough sleep. And every time I've failed. My kids are very young, and I have a pretty intense schedule when my husband is on the road (especially this time of year when the band is heavily touring), and those things just don't make for enough sleep, period. I have accepted the fact that I'm simply not going to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Or 7. Or even 6. So now I'm focusing on getting quality sleep, and it really does make a difference. I make sure to wind down before bed, not to use electronics an hour before, not to eat foods (sorry, chocolate) that will interfere with my sleep, and to keep the room dark and cool. Obviously, it doesn't always work out, but the fact that I'm even making the effort to get quality sleep makes me feel less stressed about the lack of hours.

5. Playing with my kids everyday. Okay, so this one seems a little silly, but trust me - when you live with 2 children who just turned 2 and 4, getting into action with them can result in some serious exercise. Obviously I "play" with my kids everyday regardless, but I found myself so busy over the last few months that I would mostly just join in for a few minutes here and there of reading time or puzzle making instead of more active forms of play. Now I've been climbing with them in our basement, running around with them in the snow, playing catch in our living room, and making sure to join every spontaneous dance party.

If any of you are on a similar path to body wellness this year, I'd love to hear what simple steps you're taking. And who else has a Nokia Body+ Scale? Isn't it the best?

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  1. I love the eating an apple a day tip and that nokia scale sounds awesome!

  2. My sister says that playing with her kids is the best exercise she gets and she works out constantly! That scale looks super cool.

  3. Yoga with my little one is, um, interesting too. Haha! But I still do it!

  4. I have three boys who keep me active so I totally agree that playing with your kids is the best exercise. Loving your scale too hun!


  5. Oh great tips here and yes exercise is key. So glad you are doing this with your children, get them off the couch and away from electronics. They will be healthier and more well rounded.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  6. Getting enough sleep and yoga are game changers for me too!


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