Tuesday, February 20, 2018

9 Adorable Little Girl Spring Dresses Under $25

9 Little Girl Spring Dresses Under $25
1. Floral Sweatshirt Dress ($17.99)  |  2. Organic Cotton Navy Floral Print Dress ($7.99)  |  3. Patterned Cotton Dress ($12.99)  |  4. Powder Pink Bell Sleeve Dress ($17.99)   |  5. Olive Floral Cami Dress ($22.99)  |  6. Floral-Print 3/4-Sleeve Swing Dress ($24.00)  |  7. Ivory and Navy Striped Dress ($22.50)  |  8. Grey and Black Animal Dress ($12.99)   |  9. Blue Butterfly Dress ($17.99)

I was always fairly confident that no one could possibly get more excited than I do to see spring dresses hit the racks each February - until Essley turned 4, became obsessed with clothing, and decided that spring dresses are a magical gift from the universe. Between the two of us, the enthusiasm is over the top (and borderline annoying to those around us, I'm sure). The other day we had a fun window shopping session for some new dresses for her for the upcoming season, and I decided to share our favorites with you. I think number eight is my favorite, and Essley says she especially loves number four. They're all pretty great though, and the fact that they're all incredibly affordable is a major bonus. I wish some of them were available in my size too.

As Essley yelled, loudly, in a store the other day: "Bring it on, spring. We're ready for cute dresses!" Truth.



  1. Makes me want a daughter! All so cute!

  2. The stripe-y one and the one with butterflies are my faves :)


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