Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What I'm Wearing Now: February

Late Winter/Early Spring Casual Style Staples1. Blue Melange Knit Sweater, Basic  //  2. Fan Tassel Earrings, Amazon (Only $7.99!)  // 3. Set of 3 Tassel Earrings, Revolia   //  4. Fine Knit Sweater, H&M  //  5. Blush Blanket Scarf  //  6. 3-Pack Rings, H&M (currently on Sale for $4.99!)  //  7. Embossed Cactus Leather Pouch , Madewell  //  8. Silver Hoop Earrings  //  9. Reservable Shopper Bag, L'Eternite (currently on sale for $17.99!)  //  10. Chuck Taylor Low Tops, Converse  //  11. Organic Skinny Low Jeans in Black, H&M  //  12. Classic Short Boots in Chestnut, UGG  //  13. Slim Mom Trashed Jeans,  H&M  

Hello friends! I'm back after my short hiatus, and ready for action. And what better way to ease back into things than a post on clothing?

Aside from a couple of days in the 50s last week that felt absolutely glorious, February has been (as you can clearly see above) as full of winter clothing as the last few months. I won't bore you with my impatient ramblings about my overwhelming desire to switch to a spring wardrobe, but I will say that I am (excessively) excited about the fact this this is the official last What I'm Wearing Now post of winter. Since our trip to California this weekend was canceled last minute, and my plans to enjoy a little sunshine majorly fell through, now I'm more ready than ever to ditch the winter coat in exchange for my trusty denim jacket.

For now, I'm doing my best to continue to embrace the winter wardrobe goodness that is known as layers and wearing lots of scarves and pull-over sweaters. I've also discovered a love for H&M jeans (especially the organic line) which, while inexpensive, are made quite well. My suburban mom stereotype is still going strong with the UGG Boots I once vowed never to wear, as are my beloved Chucks. (I haven't worn a pair of heels since New Year's Eve and I'm good with that.) I'm also still in a committed relationship to my self-cut tassel earrings.

Perhaps next month's WIWN post will allow for a few spring pieces as well. I may even shed a few tears of joy the first time I get to slip on a pretty lightweight maxi dress. Stayed tuned, friends.

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  1. The countdown to spring is on! We're hopefully going to get a taste of it later this week in DC, but as for reality, well, spring likely won't make it to Winnipeg until May, so I have a few months of coats, scarves and sweaters to go. I'll survive, admittedly, but I won't be happy about it.

  2. That cactus pouch is so cool! I am so ready for spring clothes too!

  3. I just bought those tassel earrings. Thanks! :)


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