Friday, March 2, 2018

Links I Love, Right Now (+ A Life Update)

Happy Friday! In case you missed my post last week, I took about a week off from the blog due to what I'll label as a seriously crappy headspace (that resulted from yet another canceled trip due to a sick kid and a general feeling of being very overwhelmed). While I did continue to work during this "break" (because as those of you who work in content creation know, it's the emails, campaign applications, contracts, phone meetings, tax/record keeping work, and social media posts that take up the majority of your time), taking some time off from the blog alleviated some of the pressure I'd been putting on myself consistently so far in 2018 to squeeze unrealistic amounts of work into short periods of time. It honestly only took three days for me to feel good again after weeks of feeling pretty terrible. It's amazing how easy it was. On Friday I worked in the morning and then Essley and I had a girl's day at a children's museum, followed by shopping. On Saturday I had a lazy morning with my family, worked on getting Essley's bedroom redesign started, then went to a movie with Robbie that night. On Sunday I had breakfast with a dear friend, and then spent the afternoon visiting a family member who is in a residential treatment facility (and doing great), followed by a pizza party at home with the kids. Even though I did a lot and there wasn't much relaxation involved, it felt luxurious because it wasn't about work and deadlines and stress. And while the only reason I was able to do it was the fact that my husband was home and not on tour last week (so I had help with the kids and less pressure to get my work done in increments), and it's not something I can do on a regular basis, it was a great reminder that sometimes just a small step back can make a massive difference.

That said, this was a great week for me to actually get to enjoy a little late night time on the internet (rather than only being here to work work work), which means I found some gems I can now share with you through a Links I Love post. So here we go.

I loved this piece on raising kind kids. So much. And honestly, I needed to read it. Lots of important reminders.

Pistachio butter, where have you been all my life?

If I had an endless supply of money to spend on shoes I'd take these gorgeous slide sandals (seen in top image) in all three colors, but because I don't, I have my eye on the tan ones. So pretty.

The new Queer Eye on Netflix is my new late night lover (after my darling husband, of course). I can't get enough. If you haven't seen it yet (do it! do it!), this New Yorker piece explains it well.

I have a really exciting partnership coming up in a couple of months that involves our new backyard (which is currently in pretty bad shape). I've been obsessing over outdoor decor as a result. This black and white kilim pouf and rattan candle hurricane holders need to come live with us, immediately.

Theses tassel earrings are like all my favorite jewelry things rolled into one.

Pediatricians are calling for universal depression screenings in teens, which I think is absolutely wonderful. I hope it happens.

A mysterious forest full of shoes. (The things I find interesting, man.)

These are the coolest sunglasses. (And only $20!)

When it comes to sharing my political views (and boy do I have them) on the internet, I save them for my personal Facebook page, but I found this list of companies who have cut ties with the NRA this week quite interesting.

How about this 13 year old soon-to-be rockstar at the Olympics Closing Ceremonies?

This romper brings tears to my eyes in the best of the ways. Hurry up, summer.

Robbie is actually off again this weekend (a very rare occurrence this time of year), so we're going on a date tonight. Tomorrow night he is taking Essley to a daddy daughter dance (I mean....), and Sunday morning she and I get to go to her good friend's birthday party. After that, it's one of my favorite evenings of the year - the Oscars. Ironically, the only time I have ever missed an Oscars in my life was one year when I was actually in LA and staying close to the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars take place. I have a degree in acting and love movies, so I make a whole evening out of it. As my husband says, "it's Melissa's Super Bowl." I can't wait.

Whatever your plans, I hope you have the weekend of your dreams. See you Monday, with a post that talks a little more about my stress issues lately and how one of the ways I've taken care of myself is through underwear. Yep. Stay tuned.



  1. LOVE the new Queer Eye! And those shoes!

  2. I'm doing major catch up on blog reading and commenting, because I've been in a very similar place to you this year so I took our vacation week to disconnect. I'm trying not to pressure myself to leave comments unless I really have something to say - but in this case, I have to say, pistachio butter?? Mind = blown.


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