Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Our Kitchen Remodel Has Begun!

One of many kitchen spaces inspiring me as we remodel. image source

Since buying our house in January of 2018, my husband and I have agreed that the kitchen is our least favorite room in the house. Most of our downstairs is an open floor plan, so it's impossible to avoid looking at it. We are not fans, and have admittedly complained about it to each other incessantly. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to finally do something about it.

Also, we (sadly) don't have endless funds to pay for remodeling. So like the laundry room, we decided to do it ourselves. Every last bit of it.

And here, in all its orangey-oak glory, is the before shot. So far, we've painted the cabinets white (it was quite the project and I confess my husband did all of it himself; thanks babe!), and painted the walls white. Next up is adding some woodwork to the island and painting it black. We'll also be tiling the walls, adding hardware to the cabinets, replacing the counters, and eventually, getting new appliances.

The top photo and following photos are some especially beautiful kitchens I've saved for inspiration. (Disclaimer: Open shelving looks fantastic but it is not practical for inherently disorganized people with young children. So while you may see a lot of it in these images, it's not happening in our space.) We are on a very small budget, and we don't have a lot of free time, but I know in the end we'll appreciate all of the work we put into it so much. It's stressful but exciting! I will, of course, show the finished product when it's done.

Images:  1   |   2   |   3   |   4   |   5   |   6

If you've done a DIY kitchen remodel, I would love so much to see some photos, so please share! And stay tuned for more of our redesign journey...



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