Tuesday, August 11, 2020

7 Ways to Make Family Movie Night Extra Fun

In partnership with Kettle Brand®.

Our little family consists of four people with very different interests, but there is one thing we all love: movies. We used to go to the movies a lot (like, a lot), but these days, we opt for movie nights (and days!) at home instead. Family movie night is a genuinely wonderful way for all of us to slow down, relax, and just be together. It is also an activity that every single one of us agrees on, every time. Since they've become so frequent in our house, we've been coming up with ways to make them unique and extra fun. And today, I've sharing some of these with you!

1. Pick your movie from a hat.
My mom actually came up with this idea when she was babysitting the kids last year and they couldn't agree on which movies to watch. Each person chooses a movie title and writes it on a piece of paper, folds it up, then puts the paper in a hat or basket. An adult draws one piece, and that's the movie that is watched. It makes choosing the movie fun, and helps avoid fights.

2. Take your snacks up a notch.
Popcorn is great and all, but we like our movie night snacks to have a little something more. If I'm really feeling creative, I'll make individual snack trays using school supply caddies and fill them with fruit, candy, water, and our favorite crunchy snacks, Kettle Brand® Potato Chips. Sometimes we'll just grab the Kettle Brand® Potato Chips from the pantry and snack on them right out of the bags, and that's next level too! We love the crunch and bold flavors of Kettle Brand® Potato Chips, and they make for the perfect movie night treat. Our current top flavors are Jalapeno (zesty with a kick!) and Sea Salt & Vinegar (deliciously tangy!), but we've yet to try one that isn't delicious. And Ibotta is offering $1 off two 8.5 oz bags at Walmart right now, which makes me love them even more!

3. Make tickets.
This may honestly be my daughter's favorite part of family movie night. She makes tickets (usually just a rectangular piece of paper with a number written on it), and gives one to each of us before we sit down to enjoy the movie. It makes the experience feel more authentic for the kids, and it's also pretty freaking adorable.

4. Get extra cozy.
One of the best parts of family movie night at home is the comfort level! We turn the lights down low (if it's dark out), and cuddle on the sofa under a blanket. It's also the one time we let the kids eat snacks on the couch, which is very exciting for them. We always have a bag or two of Kettle Brand® Potato Chips (Jalapeno for my husband and me, Sea Salt & Vinegar for the kids) to enjoy as we snuggle up together.

5. Take an intermission.
If you have young kids, this is ultimately just a more exciting version of a bathroom break. It's also a great time to refill any empty bowls of Kettle Brand® Potato Chips!

6. Have spontaneous dance parties.
I give full credit to my kids for this one, but I can't think of a single movie night where they didn't get up and dance to almost every song that played. And I love it. It gives the little ones a break from sitting, and just makes the whole experience more fun. Sometimes, I get in on the dance action too.

7. Savor the moment and be present.
This might not sound like an innovative idea, but it's an important reminder. I mean, how many of us look at our phones countless times when we're hanging out with our kids, or think about our to do lists, or just check out in other ways? I try to make a commitment to be present and savor this time with my family, while we enjoy a movie and snacks (more Kettle Brand® Potato Chips, please!) together.  It makes the whole experience more fun, and creates the best memories.

If you have other ways you make family movie nights even more fun, I'd love to hear them! And if you're a Kettle Brand® Potato Chips fan like we are, I'd love to hear about that too! We love KKettle Brand® Potato Chips not just for their signature crunch and mouth watering flavors, but also because they are an incredible company that makes sustainable, eco-conscious values a priority, and also supports local hunger relief agencies, LGBTQ+ organizations, and more. That is the exact kind of brand I really love to share and get behind. Make sure to head to your local Walmart and take advantage of the $1 off two 8.5 oz bags of Kettle Brand® Potato Chips Ibotta offer today!



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