Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Different Kind of Summer "Trip"

Because I know many of you are in the same boat (or, maybe more literally, lack of boat) that we are, and have had to cancel summer travel plans, I thought I'd share our fun staycation day from last week. Since March, we have canceled a trip to Iceland (for my husband's work), a vacation to Disney and Clearwater Florida, and even our annual two day trip up to a lake in Wisconsin. It's been disappointing, but we felt like it was, for our family, the right thing to do.

As a family that devotes a lot of our life to travel, we were starting to really feel cabin fever though. So I took a Friday off work a couple of weeks ago, and we spent the entire day driving to various forest preserves that had creeks, rivers, and waterfalls. We live in a semi urban area in the midwest, so spots of natural beauty are few and far between. But we sure did find them. We all got in the water and just had fun together all day long.

It's been a really bizarre, challenging five months. But we are healthy, and that is ultimately all that really matters. We've also been able to find our own joys and bliss, in ways that don't cost a lot of money or require travel at all. And that's a pretty incredible life lesson - one that we choose to carry with us beyond these uncertain times. 

P.S. Emmett is 4 years seizure-free today! In case you're not familiar with it, you can read his story here



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