Tuesday, June 1, 2021

School's Out For Summer

School's Out for Summer
School's Out For Summer

And just like that, I have a kindergartner and first grader after what was arguably, for all of us, the strangest school year ever. Honestly, my kids did great. They were mostly in person (there was a 6 week stint of e-learning over the winter), with masks, and they flourished. I feel like this year taught them a lot about how to embrace change and make the best out of circumstances beyond their control. There were so many lessons beyond the academic that I think will stay with them throughout their lives.

In honor of summer break beginning, I thought I'd share links to a few favorite past posts about summer and summer break.

If you have little ones, whether school is out now or soon, we hope you have a wonderful summer!



  1. Wow, how time flies - your kids have grown so much :)
    I'm glad they were able to finish their school terms without too much disruption.
    Have a great summer ahead!
    Duni x


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