Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(still) pinterested

Pinterest picks

That's right, it's officially time for round four of my monthly posts demonstrating my somewhat obsessive infatuation with Pinterest.  (You can read the previous posts here, here and here).  If you're not yet familiar with the concept of Pinterest, it's basically a haven for inspiration (and sometimes procrastination), where you can catalog - aka 'pin' - pictures of things that you find pretty or interesting or funny or inspiring, all in one place.  You can read more about it here.

The images above are some of my recent Pinterest favorites.  It's become somewhat of a challenge for me to only to choose a few a month, and I'm thinking this could possibly become more of a regular topic around here.  We'll see.  In the meantime, you can check out more of my pins and boards - and follow me, if you like - right HERE.

1. Quote Art -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | taken from PBteen)
2. Think About It -
    (My Pin |  1st Pinned | taken from The Zoobezoobezoo)
3. Colorful Dress + Rainbow -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | taken from Bubby&Bean Tumblr)
4. Chevron Rug -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | taken from Urban Outfitters)
5. Turquoise Bangles -

    (My Pin |1st Pinned | taken from Gypsyville)
6. Woven -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | taken from Heaven & Haven)
7. Oh Me Oh My Poster -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | taken from James Joyce)
8. Chevron Raincoat -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | taken from Gudrun Sjoden)

Anyone else a Pinterest addict in possible need of a pintervention?


  1. So fun! I really love that first picture. What great words.

  2. I love love love that raincoat! I saw it on your pinterest, actually because I'm addicted to it, too!

  3. I love all your picks! That quote collage is so cool and the chevron raincoat is to die for!! I look at your Pinterest page all the time but I still haven't given in to join :-)


  4. You always pick such cool things! I love that Chevron Raincoat in the last picture- so adorable! ::please be under $20:: hehe :)

  5. Beautiful collection on images! I follow/stalk you on Pinterest and I need a Pintervention too!

  6. I need an intervention for pinterest. I am trying to stay off it during the week and only go in 1 day a week. You're not helping by showing me your amazing finds.

  7. I love Pinterest. I don't feel bad about how much I use it if I do at least one thing a week from something I have found. So far, so good. There are so many possibilities with Pinterest, and I think you should definitely explore it as a regular feature! Lucy Hughes on Pinterest or

  8. I love chevron anything. Haha. Really though. I'm a sucker for bold graphic patterns.

  9. Hi, my name is Collette, and I'm a full-on Pinterest addict. I follow your board and always love your choices. It's cool to see a few of your favorites here in one place!


  10. I surprisingly haven't done pinterest yet but it looks like something I would be obsessed with! I love the chevron rug!!

  11. I think pinterest sounds like something amazing that I would no doubt get addicted to quick... maybe once this crazy summer semester is over I'll check it out :)
    I love all your picks... especially those bangle bracelets!

  12. Thanks for the comments everyone! I love finding fellow Pinterest fans and look forward to checking out your pages!


  13. Your not the only one obsessed with pinterest. The other day, I think I was on it for a couple of hours. I love it, it is such a brilliant resource. Love your pins, turquoise never dates x


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