Monday, September 5, 2011

Photos From the Road

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you're having a blissfully relaxing long weekend!

Some of you commented and sent emails mentioning how much you loved seeing Robbie's pictures in the latest edition of Life on the Road.  He called me yesterday from Bethlehem, PA, all kinds of excited about an abandoned steel mill on the grounds of the festival the band was playing.  Apparently, from the late 1800s to early 1900s, this mill produced most of the world's steel - including that for the Golden Gate Bridge.  Robbie loooooves taking pictures of old places like this, and he talked one of the security guards into letting him inside for a little photoshoot on his break.  Since it's hard for him to find the time to guest post from the road, I told him to email me the shots (which are gorgeous) so I could post them to share with all of you!  Enjoy!

Bethlehem Steel
(I think this one is my favorite).

Robbie and the band head to New York today, for a four night run at the Brooklyn Bowl.  And yes, I am jealous.  Brooklyn is one of my favorite places in the world!

Do any of you like taking pictures of old buildings or cool abandoned places like this?


  1. These pictures are so cool and spooky! Did you know Bethlehem, PA is also where the Marshmallow Peeps factory is? One day I'm going to go on that tour! ;)

    Happy Labor Day!

  2. Very interesting photos!

    Old places attract me because they simply trigger my imagination and of course, I love photographing them, then maybe add some textures and create a whole different experience!

  3. Awesome pics!!! Thanks Robbie for sending these from the road, send some from Brooklyn too ;-)

  4. i like this post. your robbie rocks at photography!

  5. i am from cleveland and there are a ton of old abandoned factories like that. they can be kind of an eyesore - but these photos make them look beautiful!


  6. I'm jealous, too! My daughter is in Brooklyn, teaching 3rd grade (her first year of teaching).

  7. So glad you guys like the photos! I'll be sure to sure your comments with Robbie. :)


  8. James AKA Mister LOVES photographing places like this. Most of my family lives pretty close to this town. Glad he got to check it out! These pics are wonderful!

  9. If you like these then you'll love Ricardo Bofill's remodeling of an old concrete factory into a loft. It's incredible, on of my favorite interior architecture feats.


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