Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Remembering Bubby

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted about Leary ("Bubby") dog.  As much as I miss him, think about him constantly, and still can't quite believe he's gone (Thursday will be 4 weeks), I know that he can't be the only thing I talk about - here or elsewhere.  It's been really healing to have Robbie home for the past few days, because he's feeling a lot of the same things that I am, and it's comforting to be able to talk to each other about it.  And although I still have at least one episode of tears on a daily basis, we're finally getting to the point where we can laugh at the stories and memories that we were lucky enough to share with this amazing dog.

When I posted about losing Leary, I mentioned that I'd been thinking about writing a book about him one of these days.  I wasn't kidding either.  That dog had a pretty remarkable story and life, and he was unlike any pet I'd ever had or met.  I'm not sure when or if a book will actually happen (maybe if I acquire a team of worker robots to free up my schedule), but I have been brainstorming for a project I'll be doing sometime in the next month.  Bubby traveled - and lived - all over the country, and there are hundreds of people he called friends.  Sooner than later, I plan to compile stories from friends and family who knew him for a special tribute.  Because Bubby was such a big part of this blog, I'll be asking you guys for contributions as well.  The majority of you never met him in real life, but the comments I've received from you regarding his life and passing made me realize just how many people were touched by him.  I'm also working on ways to help other senior dogs and rescue dogs through the project.

In the meantime, if you'd like to help senior dogs in need, check out this post that I wrote a few weeks ago.  I highlighted two incredible organizations that specifically cater to old dogs that have been abandoned or are otherwise homeless. 

Bubby will always be a huge part of my life.  I'm so grateful that he was the inspiration behind this blog and my line of art, because it's a way for me to keep his memory alive.  Thank you all again for the love and support you showed us after he passed (and extra big thanks to those of you who donated!).  I can't wait to share happy stories from his life with you guys soon!  And if you have a beloved pet of your own, hug him or her extra hard for Bubby today. :)

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  1. I am sorry that you are going through this painful time right now. I know how incredibly sad and hard it can be. I wish your heart all the best in healing and finding a eternal place for Buddy within it. I do draw animal portraits and am always giving them away :) I would be happy to do a memorial drawing for your sweet Buddy.

  2. I lost my beautiful boy Duffy on Dec. 6th. Like your Bubby, Duffy influenced me with my art. He sat in my studio beside me whenever I worked. We adopted him at 2 years old and he was with us for12 years. He was our big, black bear. Your Bubby reminds me of him, that is what sent me to your blog in the first place. I had seen a small picture of your Bubby on another blog sidebar. Duffy is on my computer screen so I see him everyday. I still cry when I think I will not see that lovely big black nose this summer resting on my lap waiting for the tea I gave him from my morning cup. Our other baby Penny misses him greatly. They were companions for over 10 years. Isn't it wonderful though, that all of the memories we have of them are good ones. I am glad I found your blog because I take comfort in the fact that others loved their sweet babies and miss them as much as I miss my Duffy.

    Have a lovely day,

  3. It does get easier, when my family dog passed away I was heart broken, but now I smile thinking about him and the wonderful memories I have. I look forward to reading more stories about your Bubby. Best wishes to you and Robbie!



  4. I'm glad you posted about Bubby again, Ive followed his story and miss him too even though I never met him. I think the tribute sounds like a wonderful idea and hope you continue to write about his life and memory!! :-)

  5. that photo, & what you're doing are beautiful things.

  6. that a lovely post. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. you must always carri him in your heart, so he will always be near you. I love it when people are so sincere about the love they feel for their pets. thanks for sharing. xx alice.

  7. I hope you continue to to post about Bubby. He certainly was special. I look forward to the tribute too.

  8. so sorry to read you lost your pal. i'm glad you're getting to the point where you can remember and feel lucky he was in your life. it takes a long time though. truly heartbreaking to lose your a dog pal. but when you're ready there is always another hounddog, who needs you and whose heart will help heal yours. take care.

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  10. We lost our sweet girl on November 9, 2011. I completely understand. There hasn't been a day that I don't miss her terribly. But we are now moving in the direction of adopting (hopefully before Valentine's day) and we are looking in the 2- to 4-year-old range. There are so many older, deserving dogs just waiting for their forever home and my husband and I plan on doing just that.

  11. What a beautiful photo - you look so lovely together!

  12. I am so so sorry!! I know how it feels to lose a dog that you were so close to :(

  13. Thanks so much for the comments and love. It makes me happy that you still want to read about Bubby and that you're interested in the project!


  14. I often think of Bubby when I'm at home with my dog. Ever since your post I've made even more of an effort to give her an extra hug every day just to make sure she knows how special she is.
    The book sounds fabulous xx

  15. Hi there, long time reader, first time reaching out. So sorry for your loss, today marks 1 yr and 10 months sice Jimmy {my kitty} was attacked and killed by a dog. I also have a chocolate lab {Hobbes} who grew up with Jimmy, and he still rubs up against people like a cat, one of the many things he learned from Jimmy.
    I am always thinking of him, and there's not one day that I don't think of him and the void he left in many hearts.
    The pain of loosing a friend is so great, and Hobbes feel is too. I am glad he is able to keep Jimmy alive by acting like he would. It always makes me smile and remember about all the good times we had together.
    I would love to read about Bubby and the way he impacted peoples' lives. What a great tribute!!
    Sending many good vibes your way!!


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