Monday, February 20, 2012

I'll Let the Pictures Tell the Story...

party on my arm // my sister's shiba inu "bean" // packing for an adventure // inside of the tour bus // dried craspedia from our wedding // wind farm in indiana // heidi & myself, completely unaware of ralph's happiness // a small portion of the candy hearts i consumed last week // my sister's amazing magnetic nail polish mani // anxious to start this year's container garden

In case you didn't notice, I was all kinds of wordy in my posts last week.  Between my winter blues post and the guest post I wrote on my business adventures, I was well on my way to completing a full-length novel.  So I figured that for the first post of this week, I'd follow the "a picture's worth a thousand words" mantra and share some of my recent Instagram photos.  Yes, I'm still crushing on my trusty little Instragram app.  You can see past posts professing my love here, here, and here.  If you use Instagram, be sure to post your user name in the comments so I can check out your photos!  And you want to view more of my always random iPhone shots, you can find me under the user name @bubbyandbean.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  I took Friday off to go check out a jewelry and accessories trade show with one of my besties, so Saturday and Sunday were mostly dedicated to catching up on extra fun things like QuickBooks reconciliations and business checkbook balancing.  To ease my weary brain from my dealings with the enemy known as math, I did a lot of lying on the couch as well.  Whatever you did, I hope it was awesome, and that your week is equally as great.  My husband's band has a two week break from their three month long winter tour starting today (!!!).  Since he's been home a grand total of 36 hours in the past month,  I have to admit I'm pretty excited about the upcoming week.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. Magnetic nail polish?! Where'd she get it?

    Our weekend was good, but cut short. Hubsey had to leave town last minute because somebody at his office dropped the ball on a big project. Aside from that, we did some shopping (hello, IKEA!) and watched a lot of Breaking Bad.

    1. She said she got it at Ulta. I need to get some immeds.

  2. I love your pictures!!! Your sisters nails are awesome and so is the pic of inside of the tourbus!! I can't wait to have an iPhone so I can get instagram :-). My weekend was boring, haha. Have a great time while your hubby's on break!!

  3. Always gotta have conversation hearts for Valentine's Day! And...Great nail polish! =) One of these days I'll get an iPhone. And when I do, I'll sign up for Instagram. It looks like so much fun!
    from Blogging Buddies

  4. Umm. Yay for cute outfits! I love them. :)
    The nail polish was adorable. I just got some shellac nails done on Saturday & I'm kind of in love with them. ;)
    Instagram is A-MAZING! :)
    I hope you have a great week.

  5. OH that nail polish! It looks beautiful
    I might have to hunt some of that down in the UK!

  6. the bikini babes with the smiling ralph is my fave. who took that one? instas are life snippets in smiles.

  7. i like your tattoos.

  8. cute outfits! I loooove Instagram, my user name is cieraholzenthal :)

  9. Love the photos! And love instagram! I'm @sillysunflower :)
    xo Heather

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone! Can't wait to check out your Instagrams!

  11. I absolutely love your instagrams and your blog! I'm a newbie to both, but the pictures are great and I can stop browsing around.

  12. awww super nice pics!!! I love the one with your dog =)

  13. Great picks! Your sister's dog is so pretty! :)

  14. Yeah that Ralph guy sure is happy!


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