Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween (+ Projecteo Giveaway Winners!)

Happy Halloween from Bubby and Bean!
card via the bubby & bean art shop
Happy Halloween!  I hope that your day/night is full of creative costumes, scary movies, pumpkin carving, and sugary treats!  I am working a half-day today and then heading up to Milwaukee to meet up with Robbie for the band's big Halloween mash-up show.  I'll actually be up in Milwaukee for the next three days, both working and attending the rest of the shows that they're playing there.  (If you're on Instagram, I promise to post all sorts of fun behind-the-scenes pictures.  User name is bubbyandbean.)  My costume is much less involved than usual, but I think that it's pretty cute/clever and I'm excited to share.

And now for the Projecteo Giveaway winners!  As always, winners were randomly selected via  This time we had one lucky grand prize winner and three lucky runners-up.  Woot!

Congratulations!  Please get in touch with me at bubbyandbean (AT) so we can get you your prizes.

And if you haven't yet, be sure to enter our current giveaway for a chance to win nine prizes worth $430!  (Today is the last day to enter.)

What are your plans for this Halloween day and evening?  Are you dressing up?  Anyone taking little ones trick-or-treating? 

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  1. Congrats to the lucky winners!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween and congrats to the winners!! I'm jealous! lol

  3. Hey! Welcome to my neck of the woods. Unfortunately, it looks to be a quiet weekend here in Milwaukee, but I'm sure you can run into trouble if you want to. Be sure to visit the Colectivo coffee shop by the lake and do some shopping in the Third Ward and/or Brady St. Enjoy!

  4. Congrats to the winners, and I hope you had a happy Halloween!


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