Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fitness Fashion: My Activewear Wish List

Stylish Activewear (via Bubby and Bean)

As my regular readers know, I've been making a conscious effort to get (and stay) more physically active over the past year. I've been doing yoga for a long time now, and going for long walks (or, if I'm lucky, hiking) a few times a week for a couple of years, but only recently have I made an attempt to actually be consistent when it comes to exercising. I got a fitness band in the fall so that I'd be accountable for my daily steps and activity, I've kept my iPad set to short workout videos I can do on on work breaks, and I've been incorporating different types of physical activity into my daily 'to do' lists. My husband even got me into running last summer (a great example for me to 'never say never'), and I did my first 5K in November. (A 5K, for those who don't know, is a little over 3 miles. To runners, this might as well be a walk around the block. To this non-runner, it felt like kind of a big deal.)

Now that the weather is finally warming up, I'm feeling especially motivated to stay active. And although I keep things pretty basic when it comes to exercise clothes, I do think that it's important to have a few key pieces of activewear and shoes for working out. Not only can the right clothing enhance your fitness experience, it can also, in some cases, prevent injury. It's also no secret, of course, that activewear has made the crossover into everyday fashion. I actually wear a lot of yoga clothes in my day to day life, and I even have several friends who prefer to have mostly activewear in their wardrobes. It's comfortable and practical, and truthfully, even if you're only wearing it for exercise, a lot of it is really cute. I've been on the look out for a couple new pieces of activewear for spring and summer, so I turned to one of my favorites, Eddie Bauer, for inspiration. The pieces you see above are all on my current wish list. I'm especially into the Myriad Jogger Pants (my husband swears by good jogger pants for running), and the Infinity Tank Top, which I think could double as a great everyday tank layered under a plaid flannel or printed kimono.

Are you a fan of activewear for working out (or even in the everyday)? Which pieces above are your favorites?

This post is in partnership with Eddie Bauer.



  1. In my effort to maintain a somewhat regular exercise routine I've made myself a Yoga outfit recently. The pants are similar to #5. I like the shoes #6 :)

  2. I just started working out after having a baby, I'd love number 3.

  3. I love everything on the list today. Everything. I like active wear as every day wear (just comfy!). I know I probably shouldn't, but I do - maybe because it's so easy to stay in the comfy clothes being a stay & work-at-home parent.
    I've been trying to get and stay healthy too. It's a process and a commitment, and I'm getting there. It doesn't matter how long it takes me, either, I'll still keep going!

  4. I love #1 and would wear it constantly! I like wearing activewear as my regular clothes on casual days. It's so comfy and if it's cute like this stuff that's a bonus. =)

  5. Those shoes in number six are so great. I wear a lot of workout clothes in my everyday non-work clothes. There so much cute stuff these days and I like to be comfy.

  6. A good pair of socks may seem like a small thing, but can make all the difference! Same with good shoes!
    I've been using my elliptical very regularly for about a year now and I love it. But the weather was so nice on Tuesday that I just wanted to get outside. So I decided to jog. Boy, I forgot how bad it hurts my knees! Maybe I'll just try!

  7. Thanks for your comments everybody! Yay for good activewear!

  8. It's one of my dirtiest little fashion secrets that Eddie Bauer is my go-to spot for workout wear. I discovered their workout line years ago and it's the best quality I've ever found, particularly for the price point - they beat my local brand, Lululemon, by a mile. Since I work from home, I tend to wear a lot of workout wear during my day to day life - it makes it much simpler to take a run during lunch or transition from morning yoga to work without stopping to think about my outfit too much. I've been loving Fabletics recently as well, but I definitely need to pop in to Eddie Bauer to see what's new for spring :)


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