Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Favorite Mad Men Inspired Home Decor

By Home Contributor Paige Ronchetti

Mad Men Inspired Home Decor
rug // clock // sofa // credenza // chair // mirror // table

A show of hands: who else loves Mad Men? And who's sad that we're watching the last few episodes EVER? Me, too. I'm bummed that it will all be over in a few weeks, so to cope with my impeding woe, I thought we could look at some furniture inspired by Don Draper and friends. The show covers the years 1960-1970 (so far! there could always be another leap into the future at the last second) and decorating styles changed a lot in that decade. I won't be able to showcase everything and do it justice, so I'm going to focus on the sweet spot of the mid-60s. It's my personal favorite, plus it's what started the Mad Men-inspired retro trend that's been everywhere the last few years. Mid century modern = BFF.

One thing that's always stood out to me on the show is the smattering of blue couches that pop up throughout the workspaces of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The couch in the waiting area is blue. There's another one outside the conference room. And I think Peggy had one in her office for a while? SO MANY. There are also a lot of red and orange accent chairs to be found, so I obviously had to include one we can buy today. (Look at those pointy arms!) Starburst clocks and mirrors have popped up in several places, and booze-related storage was everywhere. Because everybody drank at work all day, DON. Put it down.

Anyway. Our house already has some mid century sauce on it, but I sure wouldn't complain if we went full Mad Men and lived in something like this:

Mad Men Inspired Home Decor

It would also make a delightful waiting area in my future (imaginary) studio. The one thing I don't always love about the 60s is the color palette, so this is a great blend of retro shapes and calmer neutrals. For me it's a great way to get an older style to work without feeling like you're living in a museum.

Are you into mid century modern? Sad about the end of Mad Men? What's your favorite element of retro style? - Paige

Paige and I have a shared love for both Mad Men (five episodes left = so much crying inside) and mid-century decor, so this roundup is one of my favorites of hers to date. In addition to writing for Bubby and Bean as our Home Contributor, Paige works as an Interior Designer (check out her biz, The Room Kit) and blogs over at Little Nostalgia. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram



  1. I love that credenza in a huge way. I have a soft spot for mid century for sure and for Mad Men too! Pinning this.

  2. This makes me want a blue couch!!!

  3. Mid Century has been growing on me..I despair of all the coolness I have passed on a few years ago that is hot hot hot now! Not passing anymore!

  4. As I mentioned in my blog post the other week, I only ever watched a handful of episodes! I know ;-) I do like a few pieces, like say, a tufted chair and a some key decorative pieces combined with what we have now! That tulip stool is pretty cute :)

  5. I saw lots of couches and starburst clocks like that growing up in the 60s!

  6. I freaking love, mid century modern. Absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could re-do our entire house with it. Currently our couch + coffee table are super similar to this post. Happiest weekend, love!! xo


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