Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10 Great Creative Carved Pumpkin Ideas

10 Great Creative Carved Pumpkin Ideas (via Bubby and Bean)
1. Crescent Moon Pumpkin, Country Living  //  2. Black Magic Carved Pumpkins, Martha Stewart  //  3. Big Dipper Pumpkin, Country Living  //  4. Hanging Jack O' Lantern Candle Door Entry, Cupcakepedia  //  5. Skeleton Hand Pumpkins, Country Living  //  6. Decorative Drilled Pumpkins, Everyday Dishes  //  7. White Zombie Jack O' Lantern, Woman's Day  //  8. Etched Leaf Pumpkins, Southern Living  // 9. Top Hat Pumpkin, Sew Country Chick  //  10. Cut-Out Polka Dot Pumpkins, Whipperberry  

Halloween is less than two weeks away, and although we've already carved a couple of pumpkins (I can't get enough of the seeds, man; here is my all-time favorite pumpkin seed recipe), I've been thinking about carving another (or five) as the holiday gets closer. I genuinely love plain, old school carved pumpkins with uneven triangle eyes and jagged toothless smiles because they remind me of celebrating Halloween as a child. But I'm also a fan of more creative ideas for pumpkin carving, and that's where today's 10 Great comes in. While searching for inspiration for unique jack o' lantern ideas, I came across the projects you see above. They range from beautiful to fun, intricate to simple. I'd love to do something similar to both #1 and #3 over the next couple of weeks.

DIY Tutorial: Chic Painted Fall Pumpkins // Bubby and Bean

And if you're looking for another creative way to decorate your pumpkins this year (one that doesn't involve having to use a sharp object), click here or on the image above to see the DIY painted pumpkin project we did last year.



  1. Fun ideas! My faves are #3 and #6 :)

  2. Roasted pumpkins seeds are, without a doubt, my favourite autumn snack and, admittedly, the only reason I bother to carve a pumpkin each year...! I have good intentions about doing a decorative one this year, but it hasn't happened so far, despite all of the gorgeous inspirations I've seen.

  3. All of these are so cool but I think I like your painted project the most! Weekend project here I come!

  4. All very cute! We actually bought a couple of pumpkins to carve this year, but I have no idea what we're going to do yet. :)

  5. Great ideas! My favorites #3 and #7

  6. What fun! I love the hole patterns in #6 and your fun painted designs!

  7. Oh I love these! I especially love the idea of painting a gourd rather than hacking it up. I got a few add ons this year: will turn one pumpkin into a Hello Kitty and the other into Darth Vader. Thank you Target!

  8. How cool are these love #3 and #6, thanks for sharing!!!

  9. I'm enjoying the Halloween bonanza you've been sharing lately. :-) We put a couple of pumpkins on the porch, unadorned because I'm lazy, and squirrels have been eating little bits out of them. SIGH.


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