Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Moving Inspiration: Kids Rooms

Kids Rooms from Top: 1. The Design Chaser  // 2. The Glitter Guide  //  3. Little Peanut Magazine  // 4. PopSugar  //  5. Binti Home  //  6. The Animal Print Shop  //  7. Mother Mag  //  8. Petit & Small  //  9. Cup of Jo  // 10. Cup of Jo

After taking a couple of months off both from house hunting and from our Moving Inspiration series, we started back up (with both) in mid-February. I mentioned that although we realistically won't be in a position to move (or even put a lot of effort into looking) until at least May because of the new babe and my husband's touring schedule, we turned the good ol' Redfin alerts back on and started keeping our eyes out again. In all honestly, the slower paced searching feels like both a blessing and a curse. While it's been nice not to feel the same intense pressure of rushing to move that we had when we attempted to find a place before the baby was born (and to be able to feel like we don't have to completely settle for something with which we're not really happy), life itself is so hectic right now that actively seeking out homes is pretty far down the priority list. Emmett will be sleeping in our room for several more months (or if he's anything like his sister, a lot longer than that - but that's another post), and Robbie is gone nonstop until May so there will be zero time to pack and move (or even go look at many houses) before then anyway, so there technically isn't any need to hurry - but I also know how quickly time passes and I don't want it to sneak up on us and suddenly feel that same pressure we did back in the fall. All that said, I'm trying to keep at least a small part of my focus on moving plans, which includes continuing to seek out design and decor inspiration, room by room. And that ramble, my friends, leads me to this post.

So far I've shared my favorite kitchens, bathrooms, home offices/studios, bedrooms, and living rooms. Today I'm turning my attention to something a little more specific to my situation: kids' rooms and nurseries. One of our biggest motivations for moving is finding a place that is more suited to having two kids. Right now we live in a two bedroom townhouse. One bedroom is ours, and one is technically Essley's, but we also use it as a guest room (air mattresses rule) and I often end up working in there as well because the loft where my office is located has zero privacy. Emmett doesn't have a room, and although he could absolutely share with Essley, the goal is to find a three bedroom (or four, which is pretty unrealistic for what we can afford around here, but we certainly aren't counting it out). I love Essley's room now (you can see a tour of it here), and she seems to love it too, so I'd do something similar in the new place - probably for both of the kids' rooms. I like how the walls and furniture are light, neutral shades (white and pale gray), and there are pops are black throughout the space, as well bright colors, which children naturally enjoy. But I also love kids rooms that feel very light and airy, with lots of white (as long as it's washable, because reality people). The spaces you see above include many of these design features, as you can see. And although they will ultimately be covered in toys and spills regardless of how I initially put them together, I really look forward to designing Essley's and Emmett's rooms when the time comes.

Until next time, keep your fingers crossed that the perfect (or at least good enough) home comes our way soon. And I'd love to hear from those of you who are house hunting yourselves! I feel like we're all warriors in it together...



  1. Cute rooms! I like #2 :)
    Good luck with house hunting!

  2. Once I started decorating my room for my baby, I couldn't stop. I cannot stick to one theme and that's dangerous. Thanks for sharing these inspirations so I know a focus-to-one theme room is the best and I stay to monochrome with gold and pink colors!

  3. I love the mountain wall in the last room, so neat!! Essley's room is adorable too! Finding a house is stressful I hope you find your dream home!

  4. Thanks for your comments you guys! Glad you like our picks. xo

  5. That mountain mural (large-scale photograph?) is AWESOME. I have something similar but a little more whimsical for Pinterest Picks on Friday.

    I feel you about the house hunt. Our neighborhood has bounced back for real now that the road construction is over, and the people next door already have their house listed. We've decided that if they get a good price, we'll move too. We may keep this house as a rental, but we'll see! Good luck searching. :-)


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