Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Year of What I'm Wearing Now: The 2017 Edition

A Year of Casual Outfits
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It has officially been three years since I decided to start a new series here at Bubby and Bean called What I'm Wearing Now. I had just done a reader survey, and several people left comments about how since I'd had Essley a year earlier, it seemed that my outfit posts were practically nonexistent. And they were right. While this has never been a fashion or personal style blog, I'd always shared my outfits at least once a month, but it just wasn't as easy to share posed shots in pretty locations with a baby in tow. I wanted to find ways to continue to share what I was wearing without relying exclusively on outfit posts, and 'What I'm Wearing Now' was born. The series was well received, and it's been fun to continue to do it monthly since then.

I have also put together a mega collage for each year since I started the series, and what you see above is a compilation of 2017. It's really cool for me to look back and see I wore most in a year (and also which pieces didn't prove to be sustainable for more than a short time). I hope you enjoy seeing it as well! If you're interested in specific clothing pieces and where I got them, just click on the links above to see each individual month, where links to every item for that particular month can be found.

And of now, I plan to continue this series into 2018 as well. I'm hoping to share a few actual outfit posts too, old school style. Stay tuned!



  1. It's really cool to see these round-ups all together and get a clear picture of the through line of your style for 2017 (and, admittedly, to notice the pieces that appeared one month, but never again - it happens to us all!) Looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring for your personal style.

  2. The selection here is on spot with what I would love to wear too! How about we set up a mommy play date and go shopping together! xo


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