Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding Pinspiration

I can't believe I haven't done a Pinterest picks post (say that three times fast) since last July!  When I started doing them, people weren't as familiar with Pinterest as they are now, so it was new and exciting for me.  I'd get all pumped up to share the images I'd pinned and publicly profess my love for my newest obsession.  I think that eventually, I kind of assumed you guys wouldn't be as interested now that Pinterest has become sort of a staple for creative people.   Whatever the reason, I sure did let a lot of time go by without mentioning it here. I was in need of an inspiration boost yesterday, and after spending a good hour lost in Pinterest-ville, I decided it was officially time to do another Pinterest-themed post.

The images above are some of my recent favorites.  Isn't it kind of amazing how so many completely unrelated images can come together in a certain way and make you feel inspired?  I think that's one of the coolest aspects of Pinterest.  Although the different boards and categories keep things semi-organized, it's still a beautifully chaotic sea of random goodness that serves as a gentle reminder of how easy it is to find inspiration in the everyday.

1. amazing 1960s sunglasses -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | taken from Small Earth Vintage)
2. it's ok -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | taken from Annily Green)
3. balloons are fun -
    (My Pin |1st Pinned | pinned from Reasons to Breathe)
4. red dress -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | pinned from Flickr)
5. rad wallpaper -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | pinned from Pink Wallpaper)
6. awesomely ethereal image -
    (My Pin |  1st Pinned | pinned from Free People Blog)
7. dress up -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | pinned from Bubby&Bean's Tumblr )
8. teal hair/yellow dots -
    (My Pin | 1st Pinned | pinned from Style Magalic)

If you're on Pinterest, be sure to leave your link in the comments so I can check out your pins!  And you can view more of my pins and boards (and follow me, if you like!) right here.

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  1. I love looking at pinterest...but i try to stay away or else I will get totally lost and never get anything done

  2. I always love looking at your pins. Pinterest inspires me - I've found so many recipes I want to try.

  3. I love the mix of colours in these pins! Duck-egg, red and blush... so pretty!


  4. what lovely pins! gosh pinterest is so wonderful... it's perfect when you need a little inspiration!



  5. I pretty much stalk you on Pinterest haha! :-) I see a lot of stuff from your blog on Pinterest too!! I still don't have an official account but I might as well for how much time I spend looking on it!!

  6. I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest. Its like a disease really. Love these pins!!

    my pinterest : http://pinterest.com/sillysunflower/
    my blog : http://ahopelessnotebook.blogspot.com/

  7. Those sunglasses are uhhh-mazing.


  8. I love pinterest too so inspiring http://pinterest.com/_nataliewalsh/

  9. Am already following you on Pinterest! It's somewhat of a hazardous place for me because once I go in, it's really hard to get out!


  10. Lovely picks! That wallpaper is so awesome.

  11. I was just thinking about Pinterest vs. Flickr yesterday, and I think the instant inspiration factor makes Pinterest so much better. It's just so easy to find something pretty.

  12. Thanks for the comments you guys! As soon as I finish work and can allow myself an excessive amount of time to get lost in Pinterest land, I'm going to check out your links/pins. Can't wait! :)


  13. I'm hooked on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/quiltincats/
    I am following you in Pinterest. Your boards look very enticing.

  14. Love your pins! I just repinned a couple myself. :)
    The balloons especially caught my eye!


  15. You have mighty fine tasty lady. I'm in love with that kitchen.


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