Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My 10 All-Time Favorite Holiday-Themed Posts

10 Great Christmas Cookie Recipes // Bubby and Bean

5 Creative + Easy Last Minute Jar Gift Ideas (via Bubby and Bean)

10 Great Holiday Wreath Designs via Bubby and Bean

10 Great Holiday Cocktails, via Bubby and Bean

We don't do a lot of post re-sharing around here, but back in the fall I shared some of my favorite autumn-themed content from past years, and the post ended up getting all sorts of traffic. And I hope that means you guys liked it - but if not, apologies in advance, because here we are again! With the holiday season now in full swing, I've been having fun looking back over holiday posts here on Bubby and Bean and getting inspired for ideas for the next few weeks before Christmas arrives. Today I'm sharing my favorites with you guys. Just click on the images or text links above to see each of the posts in full. I hope they inspire you as well. Happy Holidays!



  1. So fun! Can't wait to read through these after work.

  2. That mimosa recipe looks amazing and so does the table top design!

  3. Gorgeous photos that really get me into the Christmas spirit! LOVE the picture of Essley and her little Elf :)


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