Monday, January 9, 2017

A Year of What I'm Wearing Now // The 2016 Edition

A Year of Casual Outfits
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It has now been two whole years since I had an idea for a new series here on the blog called What I'm Wearing Now. At the time, I'd just put together a reader survey where I received several comments about my lack of my outfit posts - which had very clearly decreased to next-to-nothing after having my first babe. After some thought, I came up with a solution for how to continue to share what I was wearing at the moment without relying exclusively on inconsistent outfit posts. And 'What I'm Wearing Now' was born. These posts were some of our most popular in 2015, so I continued them into 2016.

What you see above is a mega collage of all months of these posts in 2016. You may notice that there are only 10 months instead of 12. I skipped August, which was the month Emmett was diagnosed with epilepsy and I admittedly lived mostly in pajamas due to stress and hospital stays. I ended up skipping December too, simply because I ran out of time. It's still a pretty accurate depiction of everything I wore last year though. And once again, it's fun for me to look back at an entire year of outfits in once place like this. I may not have the most adventurous style, but I certainly know what I like. And the older I get, the cooler I am with that.

If you're interested in specific clothing pieces and where I got them, just click on the links above to see each individual month, where links to every item for that particular month can be found. And yes, I do plan to continue this series into a third year. Maybe there will even be an actual outfit post or two as well. A girl can dream.



  1. I really admire you continuing to wear flares into the winter in Chicago, when there's snow on the ground - that's the thing I always remember most about flares, wet bottoms in the winter time! Silly, but true ;)

    1. Only on days where I'm not going to be walking outside! Practicality always come first for me these days.

  2. How fun to see all your outfits on one page! The weather is pretty nasty over here right now. I'm wearing triple layers!

  3. I absolutely love your style! Would that be weird if I used this as an outfit guide for the year? haha


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